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World Map - Colorful

Ref: SM0034

Polyester Maps - Contemporary

Author: Francisco Stein.

Artistic reproduction of the original map from 1981. I practically fully redid it; redefined the borders of the countries of the old Soviet Union and adequation per the disintegration of the Yugoslavia; renamed geographic accidents erstwhile in English language according to the local languages (ex.: from Island to Ostrov on the Russian region); included multiple interested locations and it is constantly updated according to the world political changes, where the last one as an example the creation of the new country South Sudan.

This map unchained all the other maps; I took about seven year to conclude it, working on weekends and holidays, just as a hobby, a challenge, a “distraction”. At the end, it came the internet to support me, the digitalization allowed to print reproductions of my original maps and commercialize them, becoming today my profession.

Year: 2007.

Measures without frame: 1,10 m x 0,77 m (~3ft 7,3in x 2ft 6,3in).

Execution time: undefined (see description).

Material: polyester film 75 micron. (For more details look at this website in the "materials" tab).

Technique:  shapes and geographical accidents traced with nakin pen, painted with soft pastel and fixed with protector varnish against fungus, moisture and weather per the technique created and develop by Francisco Stein – 100% Handmade.

Hover your mouse over the map/ and or in the miniature parts, a magnifying glass will open for a better view of the details.

The images from the website might have small differences on the colors depending on the monitor/screen and resolution where they are being visualized.

We send with the map a Certificate of Authenticity with details of the map, unique serial number, signed and authorized by the artist.

From: R$ 488,60
Por: R$ 369,90


Francisco José Ferreira ME - CNPJ: 26.249.347/0001-66
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