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The World of Whiskeys and Whiskies - Colorful

Ref: SM0348

Thematic Maps - Polyester

Author: Francisco Stein.

It seems like the globalization has reached the world of whisky! It doesn’t matter if it is “Single Malt”, “Vatted”, “Grain” or “Blended”, whisky or whiskey, it doesn’t matter the latitude, longitude, tradition or history; great distilleries and/or craft distilleries are present today all over the world presenting products that compete or even overcome the precursors Scottish masters, where in 2014 the Suntory Distillery, from Japan, with the “Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013” got first place into the “Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible”.

On this healthy competition everybody wins; a toast to us, appreciators of the “aquae vitae”

This map is based on the book “The World Atlas of Whisky”, from Dave Broom, published in England in 2010 – Portuguese version of 2011.

Year: 2017.

Measures without frame: 1,10 m x 0,81 m (~3ft 7,3in x 2ft 7,9in).

Execution time: Four months.

Material: polyester film 75 microns.

Technique:  shapes and geographical accidents traced with nankin pen, painted with soft pastel and fixed with protector varnish against fungus, moisture and weather per the technique created and develop by Francisco Stein – 100% Handmade.

We send with the map a Certificate of Authenticity with details of the map, unique serial number, signed and authorized by the artist.



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