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ATLAS - Colorful

Ref: SM0045

Old Maps

Unknown Author.

Artistic reproduction from the original, this map from an unknown author and included on the “The Cosmografhicall Glasse” – London – 1559 from William Cunninghan, represents one of three sons of the titans Japeto and Climene; Atlas joined the titans that attacked Zeus and his allies. With Zeus’ victory, Atlas, as a punishment would have to bear for the whole eternity the sky on his shoulders. The myth of Atlas represents the weight of the everyday difficulties that bears over our shoulders, related to the excess of incumbencies, obligations and tasks that we accept not abiding to any limit, where the “Atlas Complex” is one of the diseases related to the stress of the modern life.

It was a real pleasure to draw this map, because it shows how the astrology, astronomy and mythology were connected in the constructions of the maps back that time, apart from its beautiful looks and because I identify myself a little bit with iy…rsss

Year: 2015.

Measures without frame: 0,71 m x 0,94 m (~2ft 4,0in x 3ft 1,0in)  / 0,44 m X 0,60 m (~1ft 5,3in x 1ft 11,6in). 

Execution time of the original: 432 hours.

Material: polyester film 75 microns.

Technique:  shapes and geographical accidents traced with nakin pen, painted with soft pastel and fixed with protector varnish against fungus, moisture and weather per the technique created and develop by Francisco Stein – 100% Handmade.

Available in two sizes.

We send with the map a Certificate of Authenticity with details of the map, unique serial number, signed and authorized by the artist.

R$ 219,90


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