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Accuratissima Brasiliae Tabula - Colorful

Ref: SM0029

Polyester Maps - Old

Author: Henrique Hondius - 1639.

Artistic reproduction from the original map published in Amsterdam, the map includes inserts about the All Saints Bay and the city of Olinda on the superior part; decorations with drawings of cannibal tribes and their victims, places populated near the coast, indigenous ethnicity and on the left corner on the bottom a curious decoration topped by the head of the mythological God Pan and next to it images of indigenous and its daily routine. Other curiosity about it is that the map is lying down, contradiction the posterior map convention pointed to the north.  

This map is part of a series of maps about the colonization of the Americas pretentious personal project that looked to sharpen the curiosity on students about our history with its distribution in classrooms of all learning levels, project that did not go through due the lack of interest by the responsible agencies for the education and culture in our country.

Year: 2012.

Measures without frame: 0,835 m x 0,67 m (~2ft 8,87in x 2ft 2,38in) / 0,62 m X 0,50 m (~2ft 0,41in x 1ft 7,69in). (This measurement is already 1 cm more on each side for better framing).

Execution time of the original: 256 hours.

Material: polyester film 75 micron. (For more details look at this website in the "materials" tab).

Technique:  shapes and geographical accidents traced with nakin pen, painted with soft pastel and fixed with protector varnish against fungus, moisture and weather per the technique created and develop by Francisco Stein – 100% Handmade.

Available in two sizes.

Hover your mouse over the map/ and or in the miniature parts, a magnifying glass will open for a better view of the details.

The images from the website might have small differences on the colors depending on the monitor/screen and resolution where they are being visualized.

Delivery time – 7 days after the approval of the order + the mail delivery time.

We send with the map a Certificate of Authenticity with details of the map, unique serial number, signed and authorized by the artist.

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