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The Age of Discovery 1340 - 1600 - Colorful

Ref: SM0031

Old Maps

Author: Willian Shephard (Historical Atlas – 1911)

Artistic reproduction from the original, this map placed on the famous atlas from that time shows the routes of the main navigators and explorers of multiple nationalities greedy for conquests of the new world and the Indians. Highlighted by the overtaking of the Portuguese and Spanish people, pioneers of these conquests. Besides the dedication of the author, the map contains a few mistakes, where maybe the main one is a travel of Francis Dake in circumnavigation of the globe, where is says that he used the Strait of Magellan to cross the Atlantic and the Pacific, when we know nowadays that he went south (about 60 degrees south) between the Land of Fire and Antarctica and known as “The Passage of Drake”.

This map is rewarding happiness of the author, look at it for straight hours, imagine the difficulties of navigations from the time mentioned, the distances, the dispute amount the world powers from that time, makes us “trip” on one of the most important periods of our history.

Year: 2010

Measures without frame: 1,25 m x 0,59 m (~4ft 1in x 1ft 11in)

Execution time of the original: 298 hours

Material: polyester film 75 microns

Technique:  shapes and geographical accidents traced with nakin pen, painted with soft pastel and fixed with protector varnish against fungus, moisture and weather per the technique created and develop by Francisco Stein – 100% Handmade.

Available in two sizes.

We send with the map a Certificate of Authenticity with details of the map, unique serial number, signed and authorized by the artist.

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